Graphics for the blog

Where to get graphics for the blog?

Sometimes, we work on a project for which we need a photo or graphic on a specific topic. What to do if we do not have anything suitable in our resources?

The easiest way is to look for something on the web. After all, it is a real treasure trove of everything. Such a solution comes to mind and seems promising. You just have to remember that not everything on the internet is intended for free use. Materials of this type are usually protected by copyright and may not be used without the author’s permission. The image of people visible in the photos is also protected. In order to use someone else’s work, we must acquire economic copyrights to it or buy the so-called license.

Free graphics

If we do not care about a specific photo or graphic, we are only looking for something suitable within a given topic. We want to avoid additional costs; we can use one of the online services that have the character of a photo and graphic bank. These types of services often allow free downloads and the use of collected resources. This is possible because they have a collective license, the so-called Royalty-free.

Pngtree i Pixlr

The first of the services in whose resources you will find an extensive selection of free graphics and photos is Pngtree. You can download two items a day free of charge. Just go to the address

and find what is in line with our needs. We can choose from, among others, photos, graphics, backgrounds, and various types of templates designed to create business cards or posters.

Pixlr is another application that I would like to introduce to you. It is a web application. There is no need to install it; Pixir can be used from any web browser.

Pixlr is a web-based photo-editing application. It provides excellent opinions and offers free and paid versions. The basic version is enough for anyone who sometimes needs something amateurish. Its most significant advantage is a large selection of functionalities and easy operation. Pixlr gives you a lot of possibilities. However, I admit that I haven’t had an opportunity to devote much time to it so far. Or maybe you have some interesting observations about it. Who wants to share tips?

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