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Google Workspace – an essential tool for WA work

Google Workspace, formerly G-suite, is a set of office tools. With Google Workspace, we can create text documents, spreadsheets, forms, surveys, and presentations, among other things.

What's included in Google Workspace

In Google Workspace, you will find, among others, a calendar, drive, sheets, presentations, forms, Google Chat, and Google Docs, whose most prominent advantage is straightforward accessibility. If you have a Google account, just in your browser, and you can use it. Nothing needs to be installed. Through the browser, we gain access to our disk along with its contents.

Advantages of Google Docs

When creating a text document, I don’t have to remember to save the changes. Instead, docs does this automatically. Also, in the event of a sudden failure of the laptop I use, the effects of my work are safe and saved, and after a while, I can use them from another device, e.g., a phone.

An attractive option is sharing the created documents with selected people and making changes with them in real-time. Creating documents becomes a kind of interaction and can have the character of brainstorming happening through two screens. What you write at home, your colleague sees on his screen and can make suggestions on an ongoing basis. In addition, you can use an extensive history of documents. When you feel the need to go back to the previous version, there will be no problem. It is also possible to check who edited a given file and when.

Package variants

  • Google Workspace Business Starter
  • Google Workspace Business Standard
  • Google Workspace Business Plus
  • Google Workspace Enterprise

And finally, the icing on the cake – Docs are free. The basic version is vibrant, and if necessary, you can use free and paid add-ons. I use the paid version, because it is better secured and meets the requirements of the GDPR. The security of my clients’ documents is a priority for me.

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