Virtual Assistant - Offer

Virtual assistant offer

Tasks you can delegate to Ossowska and the team

If you need the assistance of a Virtual Assistant in activities not listed below, write to me and we will find a solution together.

I work 1:1 or with the involvement of additional people to achieve the goal you set before me/us. I specialize in finding solutions and implementing them for years!

Experience in tasks assigned to WA and managerial skills definitely improve planning and operations.


  • administration management,
  • personnel management,
  • outsourcing,
  • taking care of project implementation,
  • creating a schedule of activities,
  • keeping an eye on deadlines and deadlines,
  • implementing improvements,
  • creating reports.


  • answering phones,
  • customer service,
  • creating documents,
  • creating offers,
  • basic translation in English,
  • issuing invoices,
  • adding advertisements,
  • researching issues,
  • activities according to company culture.


  • preparation of job offers,
  • publication of recruitment announcements, 
  • remote recruitment with presentation of the best candidates,
  • remote training in soft skills.




  • copywriting,
  • running social media,
  • graphic design support.


  • booking an appointment with a doctor,
  • booking a vacation,
  • purchasing gifts.

To my team of specialists, I invite people who specialize in office support, conducting wide-ranging content marketing activities, as well as professionals who support the business in technical website maintenance. I myself have a background in customer service, a natural focus on developing soft skills and a flair for team management. 

Efficiency, in my opinion, is related to continuous development, which is why I am happy to work not only with companies in the gastronomy or spa industry, but also in tourism and other industries, where the priority value is good work organization and customer service in the broadest sense. Browsing this site can be the beginning of a new better stage in your business! You are welcome!